BIMINI BALMS - Bimini Balms Gift Sets
Bimini Balms Gift Sets

Custom Gift Baskets-no two exactly alike!
Available in any price range. As shown: $25 with 2 Full-Sized Lotion Bars, 1 Try-It Size Facial Bar, and 1 Lip Balm Tube. Please let us know your product choices or the scent-theme for your recipient in the comments.
Price: $25.00
Choose 2 Lotion Bars, 1 Facial Bar, and 1 Lip Balm:
Take-Out Gift Sets
One Lotion Bar & One Lip Balm of your choice in a cute little take-out box. Choose your scent, flavor, and color of box!
Price: $10.00
Boxes: Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Gold, and Silver:
Mini-Purse Gift Sets
One Lotion Bar, One Lip Balm, and One Trial-Size of either the Anti-Aging Facial Bar or Lavender Facial Bar in a cute little mini purse.
Price: $12.00
Choose your Lotion Bar Scent, Lip Balm flavor, and Anti-Aging or Lavender Trial-size Facial Bar.:
Zebra Gift Bags
One Foot Balm, One Lotion Bar, and One Lip Balm of your choice in a Zebra Gift Bag ready for giving!
Price: $18.00